In 1885, T.J. Fannon & Sons opened its doors at Duke and Henry Streets selling coal and wood. With the advent of trucks and automatic stokers, the coal business rapidly expanded after the turn of the century. In the twenties, Fannon made its first oil delivery and was soon installing oil heating equipment, as well as natural gas appliances.As central air conditioning became popular in the sixties, Fannon led the way in sales and service. Since then we have engineered replacements, retrofits and new installation of boilers, furnaces, air conditioners – everything for your home comfort.

Over the past 125 years, we have been providing homeowners with the fuel and the means to heat and cool their homes. From our early days as a woodlot with mule carts for home delivery of coal, through the development of “automatic heating” devices; from rail deliveries of coal to our silos to our new fuel oil plants, from the earliest atmospheric gas burners to air conditioning, condensing furnaces, and inverter heat pump technology, T.J. Fannon & Sons has been part of the growth of a remarkable industry.

Where next? Variable output technology is opening into levels of performance and efficiency that were unimaginable a generation ago. Heat pumps capable of operation without costly back-up heat, heat pumps heating water for domestic use, and for use in radiator systems are all on the horizon. These designs are expensive now, but as their popularity grows, their prices will drop. Certainly, though, Fannon will continue to provide the best in quality and reliability.